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Jul 08, 2009  A blue circle icon appeared on my phone at the top right. can't find anything anywhere that tells me what it means. Does anybody know what it means? Also, anyone know of where i can get a legend for all the possible icons that appear? most of the time i can find what they are by playing around with the phone but that's just aFree royal blue blackberry icon. Customize and download royal blue blackberry icon. Royal blue cell phone icons. Royal blue blackberry png and royal blue blackberry transparent for download. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. blue icon on blackberry

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If you are a new BlackBerry user reading this post or sending a link to fellow new BlackBerry user, do keep in mind that following icon set belongs to the standard themes which are built in with all new BlackBerry devices. Listed below is an example of the icon definitions for Message List items that I obtained after reviewing the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone Start Here guide: The icons above are just a few of the notification icons you may receive on your BlackBerryblue icon on blackberry What does this icon mean on my Blackberry? Posted on March 13, 2011 by thetechieguy. Have you ever looked at your Blackberry phone and all of a sudden there is a new icon on the home screen that you have no idea what it means? The 1 blue f icon: This is a Facebook notification. Open Facebook app and see what the new

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Star in bbm contact Blue star in left corner on blackberry Blue star on bbm pic Blue star appears on blackberry Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. blue icon on blackberry Oct 09, 2008 New unexplained blue Icon appeared Recently my 8100 Pearl began to display a blue icon that looks like a text balloon in a comic book. There is a 1 beside the icon, which seems to indicate there is a message or text waiting. Blackberry notification blue icon Blackberry symbols blue There is a little blue folder in front of folders as i bring them up on my lapto Blue drop icon on blackberry Community Experts online right now. Contact List Icons. Several icons appear on the main screen of the BlackBerry Messenger. A red and white asterisk icon appears next to all new items, such as messages or images.