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2020-03-28 21:00

Apr 16, 2018 On your iPhone, tap Settings Battery, then wait for the Battery Usage section to load. Now check to see which app is consuming the highest percentage of your phone's juice. If you have Facebook installed, chances are good it's near the top.It is a known fact that the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and Android devices consume a lot of battery life. Facebook Messenger app has been for long in the shadows of WhatsApp but has now taken the lead as the app facebook app iphone battery

For those of you annoyed by your phone battery draining too quickly, here's a suggestion delete your Facebook app. . The Guardian tested out what impact the popular app has on a phone's battery life by tracking battery usage with and without the Facebook app

facebook app iphone

First, even if the Facebook app reportedly drains your phone's battery, it does provide conveniences. A lot of other apps plug into the app to make sharing easier, for example. If you take a photo on Instagram, you'll lose the ability to immediately share it to Facebook via the app. Feb 09, 2016  Watch video  iPhone users should delete Facebook NOW tests reveal app is killing battery life DELETING Facebook from the iPhone is proven to extend battery life, but there is a simple way to usefacebook app iphone battery Facebook this morning came under fire once more over concerns regarding the impact its iOS app has on iPhone battery life. Writing in The Guardian, technology reporter Samuel Gibbs claims to have found that uninstalling Facebook's iOS app and accessing the social media site via Safari can save up to 15 percent of an iPhone's battery life.

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Turn Off Inapp Sounds. # 6. Take Control of Facebook Notifications. Its better to completely disable Facebook notifications if you want to save battery on your device. If you still want the alerts from this app, make sure to turn off Sounds. Step# 1. Open Settings app on your device Notifications. Step# 2. facebook app iphone battery Facebook's iOS app for iPhone and iPad is draining users' battery life even when they are not using it. Photo: Reuters LONDON Smartphone battery life is not great as it is, so when an app actively tries to drain the battery when you are not even using the app, it is not a good situation and when that app is Facebook, the problem is even bigger. Similar concerns about Facebooks Android app led to the discovery that deleting the app saves up to 20 pecent of a phones battery. Reddit users have also tested the app's battery consumption. They found that uninstalling the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app allowed other apps to launch 15 per cent faster.