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Apr 22, 2015 In the future, to turn the hotspot on or off, use the Mobile HotSpot button in the notifications pane. Motorola Droid or X. Go into Settings in the application drawer. Under Wireless& Networks, tap More. Tap Tethering& Mobile Hotspot. Tap Mobile Hotspot to turn the hotspot on.This one's an installable. cab file, so copy it to your Windows Mobile phone and install it. It should install itself in your Program Files directory. Now back to customizing the programs in our iPhone launcher. turn iphone 5 into windows phone

Oct 17, 2013  Microsoft rolled out a new iOS app called Microsoft Remote Desktop alongside Windows 8. 1 today, designed to turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into an extension of your Windows computer. Plenty of thirdparty developers have offered similar apps in the past, but Microsofts version looks like it may actually be a

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Oct 14, 2014 I just had to post thisI was surprised not to see it on the homepage. You Can Now Turn Your Windows Phone into an iPhone (Almost) Softpedia: grincry: iPhone and Android users, feeling left out of the Windows Phone party? Fear not, for Microsoft has now launched a Windows Phone emulator which runs a browserbased demo on competing mobile operating systems.turn iphone 5 into windows phone How to Turn iPhone into iPod Touch. By Elizabeth 12 comments Last updated September 8, If youre using it as a phone with mobile service then its really important for the phone number to be checked in this section. You should be able to turn your old iPhone 5 into an iPod, even without an Apple ID. However, you will not

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Fake Windows Phone 7 With This Hack Maybe Windows Phone 7 can gain some presence with the help of the iPhone's hacker community. Recently released as a public beta, a new hack transforms the interface of the iPhone to mimic the main screen of Windows Phone 7. turn iphone 5 into windows phone OSFaker Brings Android and Windows Phone 7 To The iPhone Turn Your Android Phone Into A Windows Phone 7 Device With These Apps Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps Windows 10 Cloud Innovation Security Turn your iPhoneAndroid into a satellite phone. and now you can transform your existing smartphone into a satellite phone by just sliding it into a case. See also: Apple products you shouldn't buy in 2018. Yes, that's right, you no longer need a dedicated satellite phone. Apr 21, 2013  For iOS 5 only: download the dreamboard theme iWphone8 iPhone5 For all versions older than iOS5: download the dreamboard theme iWphone 8 If you ever wish to edit