Sticky iphone button

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2020-04-05 19:22

Nov 15, 2012  Over time the home button on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad, iPod touch, other smartphone or electronic device may become sticky and not work smoothly when youI got something sticky (i think some kind of food was touching my phone) in the volume buttons and mute switch of my iPhone 5 (released september 2012). sticky iphone button

Fix a sticky iPhone home button Ive had a sticky home button on my old iPhone 4 for many months. It wouldnt consistently doubletap to bring up the multitasking menu,

sticky iphone button

Apr 04, 2014  My iPhone 5 home button makes a loud clicking noise when depressed and is it was clicking because there was a small amount of sticky How can the answer be improved?sticky iphone button Apple's iPhone design give the smartphone both its greatest feature and its biggest downfall. That single Home button.

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How to fix a stuck power button on an iPhone 5 If the power button in your iPhone 5 is no longer working or is extremely hard to push, it may be defective. sticky iphone button An Apple expert compares your repair options for a broken iPhone power button and shows you how to use AssistiveTouch if the iPhone power button is stuck. Sticky power button solutions? My Fiancee somehow managed to get frozen yogurt on her phone and her power button now doesn't like to function. It works but is very difficult to press and doesn't always like to come back up.